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Fr Richard Tuset's blog and other bits and pieces on Christianity

I am a priest in the Church of England and welcome to this page of thoughts, notes, scribbles and excerpts from some of my writing on Christian theology. 

The blog (scroll down this page) also includes some longer reflections and papers plus the odd poem. 

I've also included some videos of my parish teaching including some very playful videos prepared for assemblies, Sunday schools and playgroups.

Finally, I like to take pictures and I have taken most of the photographs shared on the site.

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On the warmth of bracken I spoke, waited for word, the answer. Like the leaves in your hair, words struggle free, cutting across the...

Service and Duty

Whilst preparing to write this note the very sad news of Prince Philip’s passing was announced. Our thoughts and prayers are with the...

Resurrection Today (Easter Day Sermon 2021)

Frederick Buechner’s famous line, ‘the worst isn’t the last thing about the world - it’s the next to last thing’ has been on my mind...

An Easter Garden (February 2021)

In 2020 the pace of change and uncertainty has been unprecedented. What seemed to be true or accurate one week got changed or updated the...

Finally (November 2020)

After many months of waiting I have finally been inducted as Rector of St Wulfran’s, Ovingdean and I am feeling both excited and...

Resilience or Nechama? (January 2021)

Happy New Year! Those lines seem to have more meaning this year than most of the years I can remember. It is something we have been...

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